03 January 2010

A New Blog

I decided the other day to get a new background for my lovely little blog.  It turns out if you want an interesting one you have to download it, and then post it in html.  Then you must figure out where all the little bloopers are so that it will actually work.  I was even so ambitious as to want to make my own header.  That was a lot of work. 

And then I realized I lost all my little additions.  I guess that's something I can live with, because JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!  I took Cupcake's drawing for my "Kitchen" and updated it a little because paint has some pixilation problems with ink drawings.  I have to say, I'm quite proud of how it turned out. 

In the process I created a new blog to save my posts, just in case.  I kinda like the way that one turned out as well.  So I've decided to keep it and use it for my "non food related" posts.  So if you want to see my adventures that's where you'll have to go. 

Exploits in the "Real" World

In the mean time, I've been experimenting a little with puff pastry (sadly I bought it) and I'll take some pictures to add here.  Someday I will make my own, but the rig kitchens are lacking in anything out of the realms of VERY basic cooking.

1 comment:

  1. sexy page. i like.
    i'm also exited about puff pastry.
    you should attempt baklava. i tried it this last week and it's slightly amazing!