07 July 2009

An Exploit: LA Mornings, OK Nights

A nice sunrise the other day in Louisiana. At first I went to get my camera because I was watching 5 men try to figure out how to attatch a grounding wire to the rod. It was a little big for the usual method. Sadly I was too slow, and they figured it out before I got a picture. But it turned out that the sun was just coming up at the time.

Tonight I decided to go on a photo trip. This is right outside my hotel. I'm right on the corner of SW 3rd and Harvard.

Right across the street is this club. I was trying to get it so you could read the sign, but I'm not that good a photographer.

After that I had to go to the Post Office to get my mail. I've had a PO box for a month and a half and this was only my third chanc to check it. Then I decided to go get some food for dinner. I found some excellent Pineapple. I made some fruit salad with strawberries and nectarines, too. Very tasty.

Then I went and walked around a little at the lake. I passed some people playing volleyball, and wanted to ask if I could join, but maybe next time. I started at the bench.

From this bench I saw a nice little pavalion across the water.

Then I walked by the picnic area and the volleyball pit.

On the way back I walked by the playground.