26 June 2009

An Exploit: 3rd Time's a Charm

I'm now on my third rig. I didnt' take pictures because it looks just like the last 2. I did take pictures of a nice sunset last night.

They had 3 of us hurry out here to Shreveport, Louisiana. They were almost ready for our tool. We got out here, checked all the gear we had, re-measured the drillstring and got the tool put together. Then they told us they were having circulation loss problems, and they'd pick up tools tomorrow night. Tomorrow night came and they told us at least 24 hours. So the lead MWD left to go see his wife for the night. He got back yesterday, and it looked like we'd pick up tools sometime today. When I woke up they told me, they are cementing and it'll be 3 maybe 4 days, you can leave if you want. Ha! I could have been spending time with my family, but no... Anyway I have some help with my millions of quizes I have to take while I'm here. Wish me luck, I go to school on July 20!

12 June 2009

An Exploit: Swirly Clouds

As I was driving into town the other day, I noticed this entry a driveway. It's very simple, and I had driven by it several times without noticing. But when I saw it I laughed a lot, and then had to turn around to take a picture. So that you know I'm not lying. The gate goes into PJ Farm! Hahahahahah

Also today it rained, well I guess it was yesterday. And when I was out with Dean putting the tool together and testing it, he pointed out the clouds. He asked if I'd ever been in a tornado before, then pointed up at the sky. The clouds were moving around in a circle, starting to swirl, it was really quite interesting. Don't worry it only lasted a bout 10 minutes and didn't move down at all.