30 March 2010

Breakfast Sandwiches

I made some breakfast sandwiches for the rig crew a few days ago.  They were kinda fun. And they weren't bad for having egg and sausage in them.  I made a Frittata, cut it into squares and put it on some Biscuits.


Eggs, scrambled

Frittatas are not very exact recipes.  Just throw in whatever you are craving at the moment and bind it with eggs.

In an oven-proof frying pan* combine everything and pour the eggs over it.  Cook over medium heat until the bottom is set, but the top is uncooked.

Place in the oven at 350 for 15-20 minutes until the frittata is cooked through. 

*If the pan has a plastic handle, wrap it securely with foil before placing it in the oven.

Cut the frittata into 2 1/2 to 3 inch squares and sandwich it on split biscuits.  Enjoy hot or cold.

Minty Chocolate Cupcakes

I finally have a new post!  With good pictures from my real camera, if I can just remember where I put it.

Just kidding.  I am trying to make sure the camera, charger and cables all stay together any time I'm not taking pictures.  Only semi successfully, but I still know where all three are.

A while ago I was home for a couple days and made some cupcakes.  I have no idea what recipe I used. Probably Hot Water Devil's Food Cake.  With mint rather than vanilla.  I got some Andes Mints and put a half in the batter of each cupcake before baking.

Then I made some frosting.  I didn't have all I needed for Cream Cheese Frosting, and I didn't really want it that sweet.  My solution: Marshmallows.

Marshmallow Frosting

8 oz Cream Cheese
1/2 c Butter
1 pkg Mini Marshmallows

Combine in a double boiler until the marshmallows have melted.  Glop this on the cupcakes while it's still hot.  It's really stretchy and difficult when it cools.  I stuck mine in a pastry bag and drew some squiggles.  They were fast and easy and I think they look pretty cool.  And it was just the right amount for me.