29 August 2009


This weekend I did the craziest thing I have ever done. As my sister said, "I can't believe the girl afraid of roller coasters jumped out of a plane!!" I agree. I hate roller coasters, that feeling when your stomach is no longer in your stomach, but up where your tonsils should be...

PS I was terrified, but every one else was doing it, so...
Mariel has done this before, can you see how much more scared I am?

Skydiving class, they teach you how to pull the cord, at least that's what I think they said.

Trying to ease the tension.

3 Classes worth of crazy people from all over the world.

Please do not walk your dog here, you might be hit by a person with a parachute and break your leg

Our plane!

The evolution of flight, in the diner where everyone had PIZZA before jumping out of a plane. gosh

The list, We're up next!

Alexander, the crazy Russian. He likes me for my camera and my phone.

Chris, he wants to look like this is an everyday thing. Really he's just as scared as the rest of us.

The First Group, WE'RE ABOUT TO FLY!

Suiting up: James



We sat on Styrofoam blocks on the way up. Shoot it's about time!


I had no idea which way was up or down, I think we spun a lot here, but the video doesn't show that.

120 MPH!

They tried to get me to blow kisses at the camera, but it's really hard to move your arms when you're going that fast!

That's a long way down!

We just fell for 60 seconds! 8000 feet!

The roller coaster feeling -- not there. It was so much better than that, and all of my organs stayed where they should. My face on the other hand, tried to get back on the plane. My cheeks flapped the whole way down! Um, until the best part: opening the parachute! Wow, I'm definitely going again!

It turns out that I have no idea how to put the video I got of my skydiving trip on this little blog, so we'll have to make do with the photos. I'll keep trying, though, because it's pretty amazing!!

28 August 2009

An Exploit: Social Events

Since I've been in Houston I've been very busy. I've made a lot of new friends, and had a lot of fun. Some of my new friends, having new adventures at bars, clubs, and the hotel pool:
The Bars

Sergio and Rodrigo

Rosalba and Mariel

Ivan and Deisy

Ma Jing and Taras

Eric, Me and Taras

Eric, Me, Igor, Taras

Latin Dancing
Igor, Sergio, Ivan, Laura, Wiena, Ma Jing, Me

EW! Yucky Tequila, Yucky Lime

Taras, Ivan, Me, Sergio, Igor
Laura, Sergio, Weina
Laura, our friend from the Drilling Engineer class, all the boys had crushes on her.
We had a lot of dancing pictures as well, but the boys all have girlfriends, and didn't want to get in trouble.
The Pool
Igor, Sergio and Rodrigo threw Rosalba in the pool, in her clothes.
Ivan, Laura, Taras, Sergio, Deisy, Eric, Igor, Alexander, Me, Rosalba
(here we have representatives from Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, Peru, France, Russia and Venezuela)
Lots of good times, and I'm sure lots more to come!

An Exploit: Tattletail

This is a response to my sister's comment about the camera charger. I didn't know it at the time, but not sending the camera charger was retaliation for telling my secrets.

I've become adventurous since I've started this job. Sort of. It turns out that Cupcake is not he only one to bring out the craziness in me. I have about 15 friends here that cause a similar reaction. I now go to the bar regularly (calm down, it's mostly to dance), I try all sorts of crazy things, and I don't get any sleep. (That one was never one of Claire's strong suits)

My latest adventure is going Sky Diving. I told Claire wanting to see the reaction. It was a good one:

Holy ****! Why in the world would you do that!!! Are you effing nuts! And who with! And how the **** Did they convince you! Or were you the bad influence! And in that case Holy ****!

It made me laugh a lot. But then I got a text saying SHE TOLD MY MOM!!! I wanted to be the one to tell her...AFTER I went. You see, I know my mom WORRIES, A LOT! and didn't want that to happen. But my wonderful sister went and ruined that! Phooey

So, Claire, you are going to have to be REALLY nice to get me to send that charger now.

Well, if you want to know what happens (I go tomorrow) check back. I'll add some photos if I live. ;)

21 August 2009

An Exploit: My Home, for a while

My charming living room. I re-arranged the entire suite to have it more home like. The only problem is that it has NO KITCHEN!!! I am reduced to eating cool soup, or at a restraunt every night. It doesn't even have a hot plate.

Here is my bedroom.

Some new friends after a night at the Salsa Restraunt. Dancing and Mojitos! And an awsome statue...