28 August 2009

An Exploit: Tattletail

This is a response to my sister's comment about the camera charger. I didn't know it at the time, but not sending the camera charger was retaliation for telling my secrets.

I've become adventurous since I've started this job. Sort of. It turns out that Cupcake is not he only one to bring out the craziness in me. I have about 15 friends here that cause a similar reaction. I now go to the bar regularly (calm down, it's mostly to dance), I try all sorts of crazy things, and I don't get any sleep. (That one was never one of Claire's strong suits)

My latest adventure is going Sky Diving. I told Claire wanting to see the reaction. It was a good one:

Holy ****! Why in the world would you do that!!! Are you effing nuts! And who with! And how the **** Did they convince you! Or were you the bad influence! And in that case Holy ****!

It made me laugh a lot. But then I got a text saying SHE TOLD MY MOM!!! I wanted to be the one to tell her...AFTER I went. You see, I know my mom WORRIES, A LOT! and didn't want that to happen. But my wonderful sister went and ruined that! Phooey

So, Claire, you are going to have to be REALLY nice to get me to send that charger now.

Well, if you want to know what happens (I go tomorrow) check back. I'll add some photos if I live. ;)

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