10 January 2010


Today is my lil' sister's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Cupcake.  (She's getting old!)  Hahahahahahaha...

Last night I made some Crepes.  Sadly I did not think to take any pictures.  They were quite lovely, too.  Although: the fruit had seen better days, and I didn't add enough sugar to the whipped cream.  I had some strawberries, that were rather sad.  And some blackberries, that were not too bad.  When I ran out of fresh fruit I used canned pie filling. 

I figured the crepes probably would not last, so after I ate 3, I put the rest together for the rig crew.  They asked me for the recipe! Hahahaha. 

Here you go, rig crew...

1 c Flour
1 1/2 c Milk
2 Eggs
1 T Oil
1/4 t salt
Optional: 2 T Sugar or Honey

Whisk together the oil and eggs.  Add the milk, and whisk in. Sift in the flour. 

Heat a frying pan or griddle.  Pour 1/4-1/3 c batter on a hot pan.  (Water should sizzle when you sprinkle it on the pan)  Tilt the pan so the batter runs to the edges, as thin as possible.  Cook until firm, and golden on the bottom.  Flip onto a plate and fill with desired yummies. 

I added a little honey to my mix, since I was making sweet crepes.  This is probably not necessary, but it was tasty.

Ideas for filling:
Fresh fruit
Whipped cream
Pie filling
Eggs and bacon/sausage
Broccoli and Cheese
Chicken and veggies

The possibilities are endless...

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  1. Other ideas:
    Fruit and Yogurt
    Peanut butter and Bananas
    Veggies and Dressing