06 January 2010

Chicken Curry

While staying on the rigs I don't always have everything I need for a meal, since I am not very good at planning ahead.  I have sort of a fuzzy picture of what I want to make.  Fuzzy enough that I forget some of the main components.  So I make something up.  I've done that for a couple days now.  I made a sort of goulash with rice.  I made spaghetti and meatballs with penne and hot Italian sausage. And last night I made Chicken Curry. 

I was pretty much out of everything except chicken and a bag of vegetables.  I had been trying to decide what to do for most of the afternoon.  Finally I went to my cupboard and just looked to see what was left:
Animal Crackers
Baking Soda
Curry Powder
Individual box of Pad Thai

In the fridge:
1/4 c Milk
Old Strawberries
Ranch Dressing

Not much in the way of options.

I've made Curried Chicken Salad a few times.  I had the Curry and Mayonnaise....naturally it would have to be Chicken Curry.  It turned out alright, and looked pretty, too.

Chicken Curry
The Chicken:
Your favorite chicken (I used 3 chicken brease tenders)
Frozen veggies (I used Asian Style)

The Noodles:
Cellophane Noodles

The Sauce:
1/2 c Mayonnaise
2 T Milk
2-3 T Curry Powder

The Instructions:
Cook the chicken in a pan large enough to hold it and the veggies.  I used about 1 T Olive Oil to keep it from sticking, put the chicken over medium low heat, and put the lid on.  The chicken stays nice and moist/tender this way and it does not burn. 

Prepare the Cellophane Noodles as directed on the package.

When the chicken is 4-5 minutes from being done, add the veggies.  I cut the chicken into bite sized pieces, but this is not necessary.  Cover again and finish cooking.

In a bowl whisk together the Mayonnaise and Curry.  Add the milk slowly, while whisking, until it reaches the desired consistency.  Mine was just thick enough that it didn't drizzle when I put it on the chicken. 

When the chicken and noodles are done, arrange the chicken over the noodles and pour the sauce over the top.  I added a pinch of sea salt to the top and, voilla!

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