31 January 2010

It's Electric! Sugar Cookies

Today I made sugar cookies.  This is not a particularly spectacular achievement, I've made sugar cookies lots of times.  I remember making them with my gramma and wanting them to look like the ones in books, and being sorely disappointed.  But then I was in second grade and had no idea how long those cookies took to make.  Today I know.  These sugar cookies were to decorate.

The cookies were not bad, but not Gramma's.  They were nice because I could roll them out over and over without drying and crumbling.  But I rolled them a bit thin, and ended up with Dad cookies, which is to say darker than they should be.  Don't worry.  None of them are actually burnt.

I started out by piping an outline of thick icing.  I thought this would be horribly difficult because both Annie and Bakerella said it was really hard.  Turns out it went pretty smoothly.  I am putting the credit for this anomaly on all the henna parties we had.  Ssshhh I know the cupcake ones are upside down.  Let me tell the story.

Then I thinned the icing a bit and started filling in the middle of the cookies.  I just got the food colors.  They are a past rather than a liquid, and it comes out really fast.  So the colors are ELECTRIC!  Just wait and see.  I had to take a break before I did the pink and read some Cake Wrecks.  Laughter is good relief after hunching over cookies for a few hours.

They turned out pretty awsome for a first try.  Although after a while the colors start bluring the eyesight they're so bright!

Some day I'll get my camera charger and get some better pictures.  The cupcake on the bottom left is my favorite.  I like the little drip in the "icing".

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