03 February 2009

An Exploit: Fondling Truffles and Ancient Recipes

The Truffles
So, I told my sister the whole story about Gramma Nellie fondling the truffles, and she thought I should tell it to all of you.

For the Super Bowl I made lots of truffles. I cheat for the chocolate shell, and don't use a double boiler. Because I just use the stove top, the chocolate began to get grainy and too thick to look nice on the truffles. To solve this problem I added some cream. The bad thing about adding cream is that the shell doesn't harden as much as it probably should.

When I was finished making the candies, and they had chilled enough to be set for handling, I put them on these nice sea shell shaped platters that we got for my sister's graduation party. I put the Raspberry truffles on one dish, with a little dab of Raspberry jam. I put the Orange truffles on the other dish, with a little dab of Marmalade (this is so that I, along with everyone else, can tell the truffles apart as they do look quite similar). Unfortunately I didn't have enough of the Orange ones to leave out those with extra cream.

About half way through the 3rd quarter of the football game, Gramma Nellie decided that she was going to have a truffle. She just happened to get one with the cream, and having sat out for the full first half, it was quite soft.

Nellie: These truffles are melting, we should put them in the fridge.
Me: When I was making them the chocolate got messed up, so I had to add extra cream and 2 of the truffles were softer, and didn't set right.
Nellie: (proceeds to squeeze every single truffle left on both plates to be sure that I am not telling falsehoods) Well, they all seem ok, I guess you're right.
Me: (rolling my eyes) Ok, that's good.
My mom & Joanne: (trying as hard as they can to keep from laughing)
The Recipes
Last night I stayed with my aunt in Rawlins, since she and my uncle didn't think I should drive home after dark. She's been cleaning her house (pack rat) and thought that I would be interested in some of her cookbooks. It turns out that she wanted me to take every cookbook and recipe she'd ever owned (how exciting for me to find out that most of them were Weight Watchers). She also went through a phase where she joined these recipe clubs, sort of like book clubs where you buy 2 and get 5 free. This is what I ended up with from just that section of her life. 5000 recipes from 1960. Why am I interested? Well there just might be something good in there, but...probably not.

After going through the boxes of recipes we went through the books. I was able to salvage a few that could be interesting. But lucky for me she had just gone to some "Books Are Fun" thing and I ended up with mostly new books.
She brought out a Williams-Sonoma book and told me that this was a late Christmas gift. Then she brought out 4 more. "Pick one for your sister, and another for you," she tells me. Ok, so I went through them and found one I thought my sister would like. After talking for a while about what looks good in each one she tells me, "take them all, there's no one I'd rather have them." CAROL!...... fine. So this is what I'm bringing home with me.

Oh, and by the way I mentioned I liked the bag they were in.
Carol: Oh, take that, too! It was free with all the books.
Me: Carol, just because I say I like something doesn't mean you have to give it to me.
Carol: I know but I want to.

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