07 October 2009

An Exploit: My New Home

My mom thought I should take pictures of my new home, sans furniture. This is easy since it's not going to get here for a few more days. So far I've spent about 5 nights here with only an old army trunk for furniture.

I do have some furniture in storage, awaiting movers, and I went shopping for some of the things I was lacking, such as a chair.

In my last apartment I used a rocker hand-me-down. I absolutely hated it. It was a horrible brown with the head of a horse stitched on the back. It also had wooden armrests which were always sticky because of the finish. I was very excited to be able to find one that I liked and is mine-all-mine.

When I started looking, I found a chair online. I didn't look at dimensions, and aparently I didn't look very closely at the chair itself. I went through 4 stores before I found a salesperson I was willing to talk to, and was willing to help me. She was kind enough to listen to my description of "the chair" and look all over the store. When we didn't see anything remotely like "the chair" we looked at lots of catalogs. We finally found one that was quite close to the one in my head. So I had to order it.

I did go back later an look at the one on the computer later. It was not remotely like what I had described, but it was inspiration...somehow.

By the way, I also got a dining set.

While I was at my last rig the furniture fairies came and delivered my table, so my flat is not entirely empty, just mostly.

My Kitchen

My Bar, currently acting as a catch-all, since I don't have an entry table

The Living Room, with a working fireplace!


My Bedroom

The closet, a bit barren

My Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

And my guest/office/watever-I-want room

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