24 October 2009

Blood and Caramel

I conducted my first experiment in caramel making last week. Turns out the process is pretty easy, the timing is the tricky part.

Pretty much you put some sugar in a pot to melt, heat some cream, mix them together and add butter. The problem I had was cooking the sugar a little too long before adding the cream, and not long enough after. It was slightly burnt, and very soft. But for a first try I am happy with it. And after the first bite, it's really not so bad...

The worst part was, while cutting this gooey mess into individual pieces I cut my finger on my SHARP knife. Now I remember why I am scared of them. I did discover that those little square plastic scrapers that come with stone cookware are perfect for scooping the caramel up and depositing it on the wax wrapper papers!

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