12 November 2009

An Exploit: A New Hat

It rains a lot in the places these people send me. I think it's rained/poured on every job I've done.

I was sent to Louisiana for Halloween weekend. I started driving the 29th. I got almost to the Texas/Louisiana border when it started raining. By the time I got into Shreveport the underpasses had about 12 inches of water. I got off the interstate as soon as I could to try to find a place to stay. I almost got stuck in the water, and it was still pouring. The flooding was crazy and made the rig I was suppose to go to inaccessible. I went to another site to help move the "office box" and look around. They had 3-4 feet of water on the site, and it was still rising.

I ended up spending 4 nights on stand-by before they let me go home. In that time I wandered around some and found this cute little boardwalk.

I also found an awesome hat while I was there.

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