18 October 2009

Breaking in the New Apron: Dipped Chocolates

First of all I'm not entirely sure how this picture ended up this way, I accidentally hit the shutter button when I was arranging something else, but I really like it.

Today I dipped some chocolates. I found out in my library book that truffles are rolled and covered with cocoa powder, or crushed nuts, not dipped; so who knows what the last ones I made were. My mom says Dipped Truffles. I kinda like that, so that's what we'll go with.

Either way the ones I made today were "Dipped Chocolates". I made the center last night, because they have to sit in the fridge overnight. I didn't have the correct tea to flavor the cream, but we won't worry about that too much, because plain chocolate is just fine for me.

I read the whole book about the types of chocolates one can create, pretty much cover to cover. It is quite fascinating. The ones I chose have a softer center than the first ones, but this time I actually followed the directions for tempering the chocolate I used for dipping. I tried some of the edges, that were mis-shaped. They turned out quite well for the first attempt, although I think the chocolate went out of temper for a few in the middle, they are taking much longer to set than the first ones.

Making the filling last night it didn't look like much. It only made about 2 cups. Even spreading it in the pan to set. It was about a half inch layer in a 9x9 inch pan. But after taking it out today, and cutting it into squares, then dipping it I have about 65 pieces. And they are just perfect. I thin I can make a lot of friends with these. Or maybe send them to friends in Saratoga for the holidays. I'll need to find some good tins or boxes to use!

I used my lovely yellow polka spotted ruffly apron that my sister got for me in Denmark for this adventure. It looks lovely with my plates and my tea set. Now I just need some company for afternoon tea.

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