29 September 2009

This Time I Had Almonds: Curried Chicken Salad

I just had some Curried Chicken Salad and it was amazing, so I thought I'd share it again. One small change was the Almonds I used, rather than Pine Nuts.

The Adventures of an Empty Kitchen
I went to the store today for a few things, such as apples, and bread. I ended up getting a lot more than I expected. I couldn't live with an empty kitchen anymore (I've been in my new apartment for 5 days now!). So I got some things that will not go bad, that every kitchen should have: Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Spices, and Canned Goods. I also got some chicken and mayonnaise, thinking I would make the lovely meal above. I got home and started cutting apples, and celery, and carrots when I realized "I don't have a bowl for this!" Ok, I'll make due with the tupperware that I got the celery and carrots in. "Wait a second, I don't have anything to stir it with." That one took a bit longer, but finally I figured out I had some measuring spoons that would probably work. I did end up getting pretty messy in during this adventure, but that's what makes it an adventure, right?

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