17 September 2009

An Exploit: Sky Diving, Take II

So, I went SkyDiving again. We were supposed to go as a big group(7) again. Unfortunately I've learned this week that boys are not very reliable. They are never there on time, and half the time they don't even tell you when they decide to postpone a trip for a week, ie. skydiving trip. So Mariel and I conned Taras into driving us down since I won't be around for "next week's" trip.

We ended up having a lot of fun. And got some good studying in as well. Oh, and some pretty fantastic Barbecue Chicken Pizza! (On the list of things to try to make!)

Practicing pulling the rip cord

Getting ready for spins!

Taras is jealous of our jump, and Mariel is practicing for formations

We're all set, just waiting for the "newbies"

Ooh, ooh, ooh formation time!

Practicing some more for formations.

I am setting a new fashion statement, these glasses are going to be all the rage next season

Waiting for the plane. The lady in the middle is Scooter, I jumped with her.

Coming in for landing!

"It was a GREAT jump!"

PS. I have more pictures, but the Internet was being stupid.

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