29 May 2009

An Exploit: My New Hero

My night in my box would not be complete without these items.

1. My jute recycle bag filled with books and cd's
2. My jute star bag filled with snacks and munchies
3. My excellent green hard hat
4. Safety glasses
5. Gloves
Not pictured: My laptop

Here's what I've found lately perusing the Internet between surveys:

Amazing cupcakes, and so much other stuff. This woman is my new hero, she makes the most beautiful creations, takes fabulous pictures of them, and has done all of this while finishing med school. This picture is my favorite because it's almost the one I draw for my sister, Cupcake.

Oh, P.S. her blog is annies-eats.com

Another cool blog that Claire (Cupcake) told me about was Cupcakes Take the Cake. I found this picture on their blog.

Isn't it fun? And it's on a Vinyl! Note to self: get a stocked kitchen, some cool baking tools, and go to town. I need to learn a lot of patience to make stuff like this!

Also, I'm going to start posting my favorite pictures along the left side of the page, under my categories segment.

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