08 May 2009

An Exploit: Breaking Dawn, teeheehee

I took some pictures on my way back from the work box to the sleep box. Here's what I came up with. It's still dark when I leave the box, but it gets light pretty quick.

Lights across the bay, there's a refinery over there. The lights extend all the way across the view we have from our little alcove.

Some pipe stacked out of the way.

The rig with all the lights on.

I took some more pictues tonight. I like how the moon looks on water. And how the lights turn the clouds orange.

This is my work box. Inside are 2 chairs, a bench that doubles as storage. A desk that holds 6 computers (mine included) and various other equipment (most of it I'm not entirely sure what it does).

This is where all the activity is. The stairs lead up to the rig floor (the blue box is their office). This is where the pipe is added or taken off, as needed to keep drilling or take the bit and tool out of the well.


  1. I like seeing the pictures of where you work. The pipe one is really cool. Any vampires around?

  2. why in the world would there be vampires near pipes?
    i was thinking more along the lines of...snakes and wolverines and stuff...