07 May 2013

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

I spent several days coming up with anything I could to use my flat of strawberries before they went bad.  

I did two versions of the Strawberry Preserves in hopes that the second batch wouldn’t be soupy, and had to leave before I found out.  

However I also made some ice cubes, drank a lot of strawberry and lemon water, made some cupcakes and a smoothie or two.

The cupcakes turned out quite well, almost muffin-like. They were not overly sweet like many cakes and cupcakes. 

The recipe is based on the Vanilla Bean Cupcake recipe in The Sweet Little Book of Cupcakes. I just added about half a cup of mashed strawberries. They turned the batter a pretty pink color with little bits of red. Although, it definitely could have taken more. 

I will update this with a recipe the next time I get a chance. 


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