02 January 2011

Experimenting with Blogger

Here are some random memories in my attempt to learn how to post photos as thumbnails.  It didn't work.
Cupcake's Flat in Brighton

Cupcake at her flat in Brighton

My buddes, they still ask for me when their parents have Date Night

Pot Pie.  I don't know what kind.

My first attempt at Truffles, and photography.

Cupcake's Duck Face

Ancient recipes.  Ok, they're only 40 years old.

Toad in the Hole, from my Brittish cookbook.

Italian Wedding Soup at the cabin.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins. 

Mini Bundt Pan

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies.  BEST. EVER!

Almost Cupcake Pops.  I don't have enough patience.

12 layer cake, hundred layer cake, thousand layer cake...
it gets longer every time I talk to Lindsay and Eric.  They liked it

Cookie time was almost every afternoon. 
Eli liked to crack the eggs, Cavan liked to use the electic mixer.

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