15 April 2010

Almost Orange Julius

I don't get it very often, but every time I go to the mall and stop at Orange Julius I wonder why I don't stop there more.  It makes me think of school shopping trips to the outlet malls.  Lots of people, lots of walking, and lots of sun. 

I was really excited when I found a recipe for it.  But somehow I never got around to trying it.  When I found this super easy recipe for a close substitute in Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, I tried it right away.  And it's pretty good, for a fake. 

Fake Orange Julius

6 c Orange Juice
1 sm. pkg Vanilla Pudding (makes 2 cups)
1 pkg Dream Whip (makes 2 cups)

In a blender combine 3 cups orange juice, the pudding mix and the dream whip.  Blend it well.  Pour into a pitcher.  Add the final 3 cups of orange juice and stir well.  Serve over ice. 

This could also be blended with ice for a slushy, combined with vodka for a screwdriver, or just plain.  So far I've had it plain, but it's good enough that I'll keep making it.  Maybe some day I'll try some other combinations. 

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