17 December 2013


I have been making a lot of goodies this week, and wrapping them up to give away as holiday gifts.  I made my gramma’s Caramel Corn, I found a recipe for Muddy Buddies, sometimes known as Puppy Chow. And I made some Cocoa Mix and Marshmallows to go with it. 

Leaning tower of spongy sugar.

I am very excited about the Marshmallows, I have been wanting to make those for a long time.  I knew that they were supposed to be pretty easy, but I was still hesitant.  I don’t know if I was scared of making a mess, or a mistake, or ending up with something that is inedible.  

I did end up making a huge mess, but it wasn’t all Marshmallows, and I did make a mistake and have to double the batch right from the beginning.  But the inedible part didn’t happen.

These Marshmallows are really good.  They taste like store-bought marshmallows, but so much better.  So much better.

I used the recipe from Annie’s Eats - Vanilla Bean Marshmallows.  It is a very good place to start.  She explains steps clearly and talks about her experience with them.  I go to Annie’s Eats for a lot of inspiration.

So, so many left.

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  1. did i ever tell you that i tried your marshmallows while i was at your house? they taste so good! i want to toast them and make smores but without the chocolate! and maybe we could make some together sometime!
    or hey - if we have a cabin wedding party thing, we could have smores stuff and they could be your rad square marshmallows!